When Should I Change My Strings?

Changing guitar strings

If you play the guitar or ukulele, then you already know how important it is to have it accurately tuned. But are you aware of the importance of keeping strings well maintained?

Why Do Strings Deteriorate?

Many factors can cause guitar and ukulele strings to deteriorate therefore affecting their performance. String to fret contact over time causes strings general wear and tear. After a while, strings lose their brightness in tone. They get dirty, dusty and grimy. Eventually our sweat, as well as exposure to the elements, causes them to corrode and rust. Strings also break if they are old, are played too aggressively or bent too far.

Benefits of New Strings

There are many benefits to new strings. They are easier to play, gentler on the fingers and make it easier to slide up and down the fret board. The tone of new strings is brighter and louder, and the quality of sound is generally better.

Why Get a Professional to Re-string My Guitar or Ukulele?

If a guitar or ukulele is not strung properly the following problems can occur:

  • Strings can rattle or buzz
  • Strings incorrectly tied can slip out of tune
  • Incorrect strings can damage your guitar
  • The tremolo may not return to pitch
  • The set up of the guitar may be affected

Having a professional re-string your guitar or ukulele will ensure that these problems are avoided and give you all the benefits of new strings.

When Should I Re-String My Guitar or Ukulele?

As a general rule, for the average guitar player, a nylon string guitar should be re-strung a minimum of once or twice a year and a steel string guitar about 4 times a year. A ukulele should be re-strung once or twice a year. However, it does depend on how much you play your guitar or ukulele and how important sound quality is to you. The more you play, the more often you should re-string. If you notice any of the signs of deterioration as mentioned above, then it’s time for a re-string!

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